A Sticky situation

It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does there may be a moment of panic, anger, or shock. Gum… that sticky, gooey mess that can quickly ruin a carpet or create a new hair style.

But, what happens when it accidentally goes through the dryer in an unchecked pocket? It can be a burden and very laborious but it can be fixed most of the time.

Things you will need:

  • butter knife or other dull scraper
  • bowl of ice cubes
  • lighter fluid or other petroleum based solvent
  • baking soda or baby powder
  • cotton towel or rag
  • patience and perseverance

If there are larger clumps of gum, you will want to apply the ice cube until the effected area is very hard, then use the dull utensil or scraper to try to remove as much gum as possible. For smaller areas of gum and for after the ice cube/scrape has taken place apply a small amount of lighter fluid to the gum residue. The petroleum will slowly dissolve the gum and allow you to scrape the rest off pretty effortlessly. You may have to apply lighter fluid more than once to get it all off. Use a cotton rag to remove any remnants of gum. Be careful not to rub or agitate the fabric too much, because you could damage to color of the garment by too much rubbing or scraping.

The final step is to apply either some baking soda or baby powder onto the effected areas where the lighter fluid was used. The absorbing properties of these two products will draw out the oily residue left behind. Let stand for 10 minutes or so. If you have some, blue dawn dish soap can help as well to pull out grease.

Wash in cold or warm water.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com