Product Release

After years of development and 30+ years experience in the cleaning industry, I have created some laundry products that really get the job done. They are all natural products made with 5 or less ingredients and the packaging is eco friendly.  To shop these fine products simply click here. 

I have spent 30+years in the dry cleaning industry and I have found that the detergent market is full of artificial colors, harsh chemical fillers, and very large plastic packaging. Whatever happened to the rectangular cardboard boxes filled with powder? (I wrote a blog on this very subject recently).   I have created a product that is effective, priced well, and uses sustainable packaging all while getting the job of cleaning your clothes done.

Sometimes you just have to go back to the basics.  How did the generations before us get their clothes clean?  By using simple ingredients that were readily available.  So, in a way I’ve gone back to my roots and used simple, effective ingredients that have been proven to work.

I hope you try and enjoy my new product line and reach out and tell me what you think!

3 thoughts on “Product Release

  1. These cleaning products really work. I switched to natural products a few years ago due to health reasons and nothing has cleaned as well as these. The laundry soap has a fresh scent and I won’t use anything else on my clothes. The pre-spotter is amazing and has not disappointed me yet on tough stains. I love the dryer balls and linen spray as well. Give them a try.


  2. Oh wow these products looks beautiful! I absolutely love the packing too, and I’m sure the products smell Devine. What a lovely gift that would be.


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