2 inch masking tape

I have spent countless hours trying to remove lint from various types of fabric. It comes with the job when you are in the dry cleaning business. You might think we had a sophisticated lint removal system developed for such a task, but no. It took patience, perseverance, and 2 inch masking tape. We never used anything else, never. Somewhere along the line the lint roller came into play. We tried it, it was somewhat effective, but we simply did not have the time or the engineering degree it required to figure out how to start a new sheet. I think after 20 years they are still trying to figure out a better design . The masking tape was cheap (we purchased it by the case), easy to tear off and use, and it was the perfect amount of adhesive to take care of even the toughest jobs. The two inches was also an important factor. It was to perfect width to wrap around your hand to glide smoothly along the garments picking up the stray lint or cat hair. One inch didn’t get the job done and the three inch didn’t allow your to bend easily as you worked with the fabric. Buy one roll of two inch masking tape and you will be set for a long while for all your lint removal needs.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

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