Quick fix for common spills

There are so many uses and benefits for common household supplies. We are somewhat aware of the obvious ones like vinegar and baking soda, but there are numerous others that many may be unaware of. I am going to focus on the ones that are helpful for some of your basic laundry needs.

Admit it, spills happen. Whether you have little ones and spills are an every day occurrence or sometimes accidents just happen. What if you are not at home when it happens? We have all had the quick lunch in our car where we have dribbled mayo on our work clothes or tipped a glass of coffee or soda while at a social gathering. What do you do in those moments when you are not at home and are worried about the stain in the present moment?

Enter, our friend, table salt. Like baking soda and washing soda, it is has a chemical base of sodium (sodium chloride to be specific) and can act as a drawing agent for stains. Where baking soda, when sprinkled on a stain, acts as a drawing force by absorbing a stain, salt serves that purpose too, in a pinch. If red wine is spilled, you can sprinkle table salt (usually readily present) on the spot before it dries to help absorb some of the problem so you have less to handle later. Just let it sit for a few minutes then gently dab with a cloth napkin and you are back to your party.

I just touched on a use for baking soda (see also a previous blog dedicated to it). When sprinkled on various stains, to absorbs the stain. Common stains I have used baking soda on are: food grease, car grease, cooking oil. Other helpful common items you may have on hand in a pinch are baby powder and cornstarch. They all act in the same fashion to absorb the stain, but baking soda is my go to.

Tea, coffee, and soda are also common accidental spills that can be treated on the fly. If you are at a restaurant, they probably have club soda available. Put a little on the stain and let the bubbles do their magic. Club soda has bicarbonates much like baking soda and washing soda, that aid in the break down of particles. Dab with a cloth napkin or towel and you should notice improvement on the spot! Regular water can be used too, but may not be as immediately effective. It may also work for wine spills, but I would try the table salt first. As with any tannin stain (wine, tea, coffee, soda), it is best to wash these items in cold water for optimal stain removal.

Hopefully these tips help in a pinch when supplies for stain treatment are not readily available

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

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