Why Chasing Butterfly shadows?

You may be asking why I chose this as my website name? A couple of reasons. First and foremost it is in honor of a most beloved Australian Shepard named Sydney. She is enthralled with not the butterflies in the yard, but the shadows they create on a sunny summer day in the fresh cut grass. She will chase them relentlessly to and fro until they fly out of her space. It is probably more of a herding trait for her, but none the less it is quite amusing watching her strive for the impossible. This attribute has carried over to her ball fetching as well. If there is a shadow to chase she will find it.

Another reason for choosing this website/blog name is because it seems very fitting for this time in my life. It feels as if my life is a metaphor for the flight patterns of a butterfly. They seem to fly aimlessly about with no direction or sense of purpose. I have felt this way now for the better part of a year. Loss of someone close to you will do that. Especially a most beloved mother. Along with this loss, I made the decision to part ways with the family business of 73 years, and the only job I had ever had. Suddenly everything I had ever known was unknown.

This blog is the beginning of a new chapter of my life as I flutter about trying to find myself.

As a young girl I had aspirations of writing, but life seemed to get in the way. Now I am thankful for the opportunity to pursue this endeavor once again.

On the wings of butterflies I pray this blog takes flight.

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