4 easy steps to banish wrinkles quickly

We have all done it. We are in a hurry to dress for work or some other occasion and we pull out an outfit from an over crowded closet to find them full of wrinkles. How do we deal with this when we are already short on time? I will give you some quick and efficient tips to get you out the door on time.

Table of Contents

  1. Hang garment in a steamy bathroom
  2. Toss the garment in the dryer on a fluff/no heat setting
  3. dab at wrinkled areas with a damp cloth
  4. spray light mist of water from spray bottle on the affected area
  5. To check out my personally developed wrinkle release spray, click here

  1. Hang garment in a steamy bathroom

The method that takes the least amount of effort is to simply hang the wrinkled items in the bathroom with you while you shower. The wrinkles I generally have are a direct result of having a closet that is crammed too full. I will usually choose my outfit the night before and check for stains or wrinkles that I may have to deal with.

I will then hang my lightly wrinkled garments on the towel rack in the bathroom while I shower. The ripples in the fabric will fall away as the room warms up and that is it! I have had some success with this method, but it will not help the deeper set wrinkles, a different approach will necessary.

2. Toss garment in the dryer on a no/low heat setting

Probably not the most efficient of methods, however I have been known to toss my clothes into a no heat dryer with a couple of clean towels for a quick tumble to loosen wrinkles. If this is the approach you take, be careful to ensure the dryer setting is on low/no heat. A dryer that is too hot can put embellishments and some fabrics in danger of shrinkage or damage. Be sure to grab your clothes out of the dryer when the timer goes off though. If they lay in the dryer too long, you will have to tumble them again to release the wrinkles (again).

I use this method quite often, (I am the queen of multitasking) with success. I will even dampen a hand towel or two to toss in with the garment I want to wear if it has an abundance of wrinkles. The damp towel will create some steam and provide a buffer so the garment gets a good tumble and not just stick to the side of the dryer like it would if it was by itself.

Another go to I use constantly is my set of dryer balls. I love them for their ability to cut down on dry time and help with separating the fabrics while tumbling to create more airflow. Spritzing the balls with a fresh scent dryer ball spray and BOOM, you’ve got a garment to wear free of wrinkles and smelling great too!

3. Dab wrinkled area with a damp cloth

A quick fix that I have used many times is to just grab a clean wash cloth from the drawer and barely dampen it with some tepid water and slowly and carefully moisten the wrinkles by dabbing the damp cloth on the wrinkle to loosen it. Most times, this is all it takes, along with some slow strokes of the cloth over the wrinkles to get them to fall out. Problem fixed in under 5 minutes and no extra tools needed.

4. Spray light mist of water on wrinkled area

Sometimes the damp cloth technique is not quite enough, so I have also used a spray bottle I have on hand for ironing and carefully misted the wrinkles and smoothed them out by pulling gently on the hem of the garment or slowly brushing over the wrinkles with a clean cloth or my hand to loosen them and straighten the fabric. You have to be careful of using spray bottles on some fabrics like silk and rayon though because if it doesn’t dry quick enough water marks may be left behind, creating another issue to have to deal with. I typically use this method on cottons or polyester blend fabrics.

5. With all these tips in mind, sometimes you just need an on the go fix to your wrinkles. I have developed a wrinkle release spray for on the go fixes. It is a blend of distilled water, conditioning agents and essential oils. The misting bottle is the perfect size to fit in a pocket or a purse, or anywhere for your convenience. Click herehttps://www.etsy.com/shop/CreativeLaundryGoods to find this and other great products I have developed after 30+ years in the dry cleaning industry.

These 4 ideas are my go to fixes when I need a quick solution. I hope I shed some light on how you can save time when you are in a hurry, but can’t take the time to iron out minor wrinkles.